A new fishing license for ‘big’ lakes in ‘big lakes’

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has approved a new fishing licence for ‘Big Lakes’ in the southern parts of the state.

The new licence allows ‘big” lakes and streams to be used as fishing grounds.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPW) said in a statement the new licence would allow for the establishment of new fishing rights and access to waters off the Great Northern, the Southern and Western Rivers.

It also states there would be no change to the existing fishing licences in Queensland.”

In accordance with the new fishing regulations, we have made some changes to the licence conditions for the Big Lakes, allowing for greater access to the waters of the Great northern, Southern and Eastern Rivers, while still providing a reasonable limit on the amount of fish a fishing licence holder can haul in,” it said.”

This change allows us to protect the Great north, Southern, Eastern and Western rivers, and their watersheds from overfishing and to ensure that fish species are not being taken advantage of by people.

“The licence for the southern part of the State’s Great Northern will be granted to the Fishery Management Council of Queensland (FMQQ).

The FMQQ said it was currently considering the application for a fishing license.

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