How to carry concealed while hunting, and how to do it legally

By Kim ZetterstromThe Associated PressIt’s one of the most-used legal terms in the world, but when it comes to hunting, it’s one you don’t always know exactly how to use.

For starters, there’s no such thing as a hunting license.

Instead, you need a hunter’s license, or you’ll need to get a concealed carry license.

But that’s not all that different from getting a hunting permit.

The key is that you need both.

The state of Texas, however, is using a different legal term to describe concealed carry permits, one that could help some people get around some of the more complicated questions about hunting and concealed carry in Texas.

In a recent letter to hunters, the state of Colorado changed the definition of a hunting or concealed carry permit from a license to a gun permit.

That changed the legal rules for hunters and licensed gun dealers.

If you want to carry a concealed weapon, that’s fine, said Jeff Pohl, who owns the Pohls Outdoor Shooting Supply in the Colorado Springs area.

If you want a hunting certificate, it becomes a gun certificate.

But there are some things you can’t do while hunting.

Pohs said the license he gives to hunters can’t be used to buy a gun, and the concealed carry certificate he gives can’t replace a hunting gun license.

There are exceptions, though.

The hunter or dealer can have the license on a temporary basis and use it when hunting.

He can also use the certificate for other purposes, such as getting a permit to buy hunting licenses.

To get a hunting and a concealed permit, you’ll have to show proof that you are a hunter or a licensed gun dealer.

That means you have to have a gun or carry a gun in a certain way, and you must show that you have a firearm safety certificate.

The Colorado hunting certificate is issued by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

But Pohlen said the Colorado Concealed Carry Permit, issued by Colorado’s Division of Wildlife, would be a better fit.

“The NSSF has the most stringent firearm safety standards and most people who own firearms are licensed,” Pohll said.

“There’s nothing wrong with a hunting handgun certificate.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea.”

The Colorado Conceal Carry Permittee can apply for a hunting rifle, shotgun or pistol license.

Pahl said that should be enough to get through the process.

“I think a hunter needs to carry the right type of firearm to shoot a particular animal, which would be the deer,” he said.

“If a person was a deer hunter, they would need a hunting pistol license to shoot deer, which is what the Colorado Hunting Permit is designed for.”

Pohl said he can see why some hunters might think that hunting a deer would require a hunting shotgun.

“A hunter needs a firearm that shoots the deer, a rifle that shoots deer, and a shotgun that shoots a deer,” Pahls said.

It’s not just deer hunting, either.

The Colorado Concealing Carry Permits can be used for any purpose, such to buy gun or ammunition, carry hunting or hunting supplies, or even as a certificate of birth.

To renew your Colorado Conceals License, you have two options.

You can apply online, or pick up your renewal form at a licensed Colorado hunting or gun dealer in person.

“It’s just like renewing a gun license,” Puhl said.

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