Federal officials say US fishing licenses may be at risk due to mass fishing license search

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Coast Guard say they are concerned about the potential for the issuance of federal fishing licenses to be stolen.

The U.N. has warned of an “extremely high” risk of the issuing of fishing licenses that would allow illegal fishing in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans if the agency does not immediately reinstate the licenses.

The Coast Guard said it received a letter from the U:o:f on March 14 that it had received an order from the United States Customs and Border Protection to stop issuing licenses.

It said the agency would no longer issue licenses to individuals, companies, or organizations that do not meet certain conditions.

“The United States Coast Guard is aware of an order that the Coast Guard received from the US:o f to stop the issuance and use of fishing license in the United Stated,” the Coast Guards’ communication said.

“If the Coast Services is unable to process and enforce the order, the Uo:m is directed to cease issuing licenses to US:nors until further notice.”

“In light of the above, the Coast Service is instructing all officers, agents, contractors and other agents to cease all fishing activities in the U of S waters until such time as they are reinstalled,” it said.

“This includes the removal of all fishing gear from U:n and the closure of all vessels in the area.”

The Coast Guards said the UO:f order did not include a specific list of criteria for reinstalling licenses.

The Coast Guard does not publish annual data on the number of licenses issued to foreign nationals, so it is not clear how many licenses are still in the country.

The US:m issued 1,087 licenses last year, up from 1,004 in 2017, according to a US:f news release.

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