How to get your Hawaii driver license cover photo removed, thanks to Polygon

Hawaii drivers have long been the target of malicious hackers, but now, thanks a recent update to the state’s driver license database, they can get their driver license covers covered.

The latest update from the state Department of Motor Vehicles includes the removal of more than 500,000 driver license photos from the database and several other areas.

The update removes more than 2.5 million driver license images from the DMV, but it still has a long way to go.

It also removed photos from many other databases in Hawaii, including those of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Hawaii County Health Care, and Hawaii State Archives.

Polygon asked the state DMV why it removed some of the photos, but was told they were removed because the images had been flagged as spam.

Polygon reached out to the DMV for comment, but didn’t hear back by press time.

In addition to removing photos, the DMV says it has begun removing more than 50,000 “spam” images from its website.

The DMV says there are more than 7 million images in its driver license databases and the number of photos that have been flagged for removal is growing.

It says the majority of the removed photos were from the Hawaii County Driver License Database, a collection of about 8,000 images.

Polygons analysis of the remaining images shows that a few thousand of the images have already been removed.

The department says that in total, it has removed more than 11 million photos from its database since the state updated its driver’s license database in January.

The state also says it removed more 200,000 spam images from a few websites.

The state says it will take the photos that are removed back to the databases in which they were uploaded to determine what information the images contain.

If it finds those images to contain a personal identification number, the state will remove that number.

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