What you need to know about the Montana license plates

In November, the Montana Department of Transportation decided to stop issuing new license plates in favor of an “all-caps” format.

The license plate will no longer be printed on the plate.

But the plates will still be available for sale online.

“You will be able to purchase Montana license plates online and in-person,” the agency said in a statement.

“You will also be able choose from a variety of colors and fonts for your license plates, including a choice of either silver or gold.”

The change came after the Montana Public Safety Department issued a warning about counterfeit license plates.

In August, the agency found that a number of license plates were being issued with a counterfeit license plate.

The fake plates had the name of a business and the company’s name printed above the license plate number.

The agency said it is working to address the issue by changing the license plates to “Montana Businesses,” which is “the same design and format as those issued by the State of Montana.”

“This will allow customers to easily distinguish their Montana license plate from those issued in other states and territories, including Canada, the U.K., and Australia,” the statement said.

“We have received reports that some license plates issued in recent years may be counterfeit,” the department said.

“These license plates are not used in the State, but may have been issued by another agency for the sole purpose of identification purposes.”

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