When will you have a license?

Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Tennessee’s Supreme Court will hear arguments next week about a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in a case that could have a major impact on whether the United States remains a democracy.

Alabama and Kentucky passed a constitutional amendment last month to ban same-day marriage, and Tennessee passed a similar amendment last year.

In a series of decisions over the last few months, the court has struck down several same-year marriage bans in those states.

The court’s decision to hear arguments in the case of Alabama’s marriage license ban, however, has raised the specter of another state banning same sex marriage before it is up for a vote in 2018.

The question of whether same-gender marriage should be legal in states across the country is a critical one, given that voters in six states will likely decide on an amendment to the constitution this November.

A recent poll found that about 60 percent of voters nationwide support same- sex marriage, according to the Gallup Poll.

But what does the Supreme Court’s decision mean for the future of marriage?

Should Alabama, which is a Republican-dominated state, continue to bar same- gender couples from marrying, or will voters decide in 2018 to allow same- dating and same- marriage?

While the Alabama decision may be a major victory for same- genders, the Supreme court’s reasoning could have far-reaching implications for the next couple of years.

Should Alabama continue to ban marriage equality in 2018, the next Supreme Court case could affect same- couples around the country.

This could mean the Supreme House of Representatives could be called upon to take up a same-date marriage amendment in 2018 — a decision that could affect thousands of couples around America.

As we reported in June, the House of Delegates could consider an amendment that would extend marriage to same- as well as opposite-sex couples.

That would mean same- and opposite-gender couples would no longer be eligible to marry in Alabama, and would have to register their marriages as marriages with the state.

There are currently eight states that allow same sex couples to marry.

The other eight states are currently considering same- or opposite- gender marriage amendments.

If Alabama is able to move forward with a same date marriage amendment, it would likely require a two-thirds majority vote of the House to pass.

Under the court’s ruling, if the House approves the amendment, Alabama would have the option of continuing to ban all marriage.

But if the amendment is defeated, Alabama could be faced with a choice between continuing to protect marriage equality for same sex, or continuing to allow the marriage amendment to stand.

The ruling could also lead to the possibility of a national constitutional amendment allowing same- sexual couples to wed.

Currently, the federal government recognizes same- Sex marriage as a valid marriage and protects same-Sex couples from discrimination.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly voiced his support for same gender marriage, but there is currently no federal law specifically protecting gay and lesbian couples from anti-discrimination protections in the federal system.

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