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Florida license plates are no longer a requirement for some drivers to renew their license plates for a new year.

This year, the state will begin issuing licenses to drivers who do not have a driver’s licence.

You can protect your license and get a new plate with this free tool: My CleanPC license plate renewal checklist.

Florida license plate renewal fees and renewals are now listed below: My clean PC license plate registration fee $5.00 (for two years) My clean pc license plate identification fee $10.00 My clean plate renewal fee $15.00 New license plate (if no existing plate) $100.00 Vehicle identification number (VIN) $40.00 Florida license and registration fee renewals can be completed online, in person or by mail.

My clean PCs license plate identity registration fee is valid for the current calendar year and valid for a minimum of six months after your first renewal.

New plate is valid at the time of renewal or at the renewal date.

If you have a plate that you are not sure is valid, call the Florida DMV Customer Service Center at (850) 626-6100 to check the validity date and renewal date for your plate.

You also can fill out the renewal form online to receive your new plate or complete it by mail or fax.

For more information, visit the Florida Department of Transportation website.

I do not need a license plate anymore to register a vehicle.

MyClean PC license plates renewal will begin on January 18, 2019.

You will receive a license and a renewal certificate when you renew.

Renewal Certificate of License plate identification number or renewal certificate for an expired license plate $40 Florida licenseplate renewal fees: Renewal of a license plates registration certificate is not necessary to register the vehicle.

For registration renewal, you must submit a fee of $50 for each plate or $100 for a plate combination.

Renewing a licenseplate is a nonrefundable fee and is available at the DMV Customer Services Center.

Renewals of plates with a VIN will be mailed to the last known address on your vehicle.

Renewed license plates with VINs are not valid for registration until January 1 of the following year.

For example, a license Plate VIN that is currently valid for your vehicle will expire in January 2020.

You must renew your license plates annually for the renewal to take effect.

Florida plate renewals for new vehicles are available for free online or by calling (850 ) 626 -6100.

New license plates must be renewed by January 15 of the current year.

A new license plate must be registered and renewed each year.

You do not qualify for a free license plate if you do not renew your plates annually.

For details, visit mycleanpc.com.

If I renew my license plates after January 15, 2019, how long does my plate stay valid?

Your renewal certificate will expire on January 15 each year, and you cannot renew the plate until January 15.

The expiration date will show on your license plate.

To renew your plate, mail it to the address shown on your renewal certificate.

You may receive a renewal confirmation email once your renewal date has passed.

If your plate does not renew, you may apply to have your plate removed from the DMV.

To remove your plate from the license plate database, you will need to fill out a request form online.

If the DMV does not respond to your request for removal, you can contact the Florida Driver License Information Center at 888-932-8777 or email [email protected] for more information.

I renew a plate for my friend or relative.

I’m in Florida and have a vehicle in Florida.

What happens if my friend/relative does not have my license plate?

If you are a friend/relative of someone who does not currently have a license in Florida, you are allowed to register your plate for your friend or other relative.

Your friend or loved one can register their plate online or request a plate renewal by mail at their local DMV office.

A valid registration renewal is valid until January 20, 2021.

If an expired plate is registered, it will remain valid until you register your new plates.

The expired plate will remain in the DMV’s database for a maximum of six years from the date of registration.

You cannot register a plate online without a new renewal certificate and renewal fee.

Renew-a-plate renewal forms are available online, by mail, or by fax.

If a renewal fee is not included in the registration fee, you do need to submit a payment to the DMV to receive a plate.

For instructions, visit www.dldid.state.fl.us/dld/registration-fees.aspx.

If my plates are lost or stolen, I need to renew my plates.

How do I renew for my uncle or aunt?

The first time

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