Delaware license plate: New Jersey license plate goes to ‘Uncle Tom’

Delaware license plates have become a national symbol of civic pride and patrioticism.

The Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has made a change to its state’s official license plate, to replace “Uncle Toms” with the phrase “The Delaware State Police” on the top of the license plate.DMV spokesperson Jody Lott confirmed to the Associated Press on Wednesday that the change was made as part of a larger effort to “celebrate the spirit of the state’s law enforcement officers” in light of recent mass shootings in the state.

“The Delaware state police has always had the motto ‘Loyalty to the State,’ and that motto has always been a part of our motto,” Lott said in a statement to the AP.

“We want Delawareans to feel proud to be part of the Delaware State Troopers and to know that our state police officers are dedicated to the protection of our state.”DMV has been using the phrase for decades, but it has not been used for years on license plates.

The new state logo, which replaces the previous “State Police” logo, was introduced in 2016 and was adopted by the state legislature last year.

Lott added that the new license plate will also include the phrase as a part.

The department has previously said that the slogan would remain the same on state plates.

In a statement released in April, Lott called the slogan “a tribute to our state law enforcement, who serve to uphold the Constitution, protect our communities, and uphold the rights of our citizens to free speech and to freedom of the press.”

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