Driver’s license search is underway after Kentucky fishing license plate is stolen

KY, Missouri, Boaters License plates were stolen from a Kentucky car dealership in August, leaving the owner of the plate in shock and concerned.

The stolen license plates were found at a vehicle storage facility in Kansas.

According to KY police, the stolen license plate was the second license plate that was stolen from an owner in less than a week.

That’s when police got a call from a car dealership where the stolen plate had been reported stolen.

The owner told police that he and his wife had been driving along in their Chevrolet Malibu on the highway, and he spotted the plates on the side of the road.

The license plates are usually affixed to vehicles that are registered in their name.

The vehicle was stopped on the interstate, but the vehicle was not stolen.

The owner had taken the plates back to the dealership and was looking for the owner’s car, said police.

The owners car was also stolen, so the owner was looking to get it repaired, said Ky.

Police identified the man as Keith E. Jones, 60, of Lexington.

Police have not released his name.

Jones is the owner and driver of the car that was taken.

He was also driving the car stolen from his Lexington residence, police said.

He is facing multiple charges including burglary and possession of stolen property, police told KCTV.

Jones was not injured in the theft, police wrote.

Police were able to locate the stolen vehicle in the city of Wichita.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the stolen car should call police.

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