How to get a license plate reader for your Tesla Model S, says electric car startup

Tesla Motors (TSLA) has introduced an app that will let you register your Model S and get a personalized license plate to let you know where you can park your vehicle.

The company is also launching a new app for Android and iOS that allows users to register their Model S with a personalized plate number.

The new app will let owners know when they can park their car in their designated location, and the app will also show them when the vehicle is ready to drive, the company said in a blog post.

Tesla has said that owners will be able to add a personal number to their registration plate and register their car online within days.

The app will be available to all owners of the Tesla Model X SUV in the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

The app will enable owners to add their personal number and set it as the location for their Tesla car.

Owners can also create their own personalized license plates by entering a code that they can use to add an address, city, state or country to their plate.

Tesla said it will allow users to set up an account for the app, and it will be accessible to the public for three years after the launch of the app.

It will also allow owners to use the app to add additional personal details such as a phone number, email address, or Facebook profile, the blog post said.

“Customers can now register their cars with the help of an app they control,” it said.

The new app lets owners register their vehicle by entering an address or city or state or a country into their vehicle registration.

This allows owners to set a personalized location for the car, and they can add a phone, email or Facebook account to it.

The owners can then access the app from the home screen.

Users can also add their own personal numbers and set them as the vehicle location.

Tesla has introduced its own app for iPhone and Android to help owners register cars and make sure they have access to the car’s system, the app’s description reads.

Ownership of a car is also a requirement for a Model S.

Owns of the Model S can register their vehicles by going online and entering their name, address and license plate number into the app or by going to the website and entering the name of their car and a phone and password.

Tesla’s website says the app works on Android phones, too.

Tesla is also adding a new feature for owners of its Model X SUVs, the Model 3, to allow them to track the vehicle’s progress in a secure manner through the Tesla Maps app.

The company also announced it is expanding its car service to the US and Canada and will offer free rides in the cities where it operates.

Tesla’s cars and trucks are available to buy online, and some of its cars have been available to lease for a while.

The Palo Alto, California-based company is trying to be a global leader in transportation with its Model S sedan, and has a strong presence in the electric car market.

The launch of Tesla’s app comes after a year of rapid growth and is a boost to Tesla’s stock.

Shares of Tesla soared more than 50% on Tuesday.

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