New Hampshire lawmakers say they won’t allow concealed carry of guns in state

NEW HAVEN, N.H. — New Hampshire voters overwhelmingly rejected a measure Tuesday that would have required concealed carry licenses for all handgun owners, even those who do not have a permit.

The measure, which was approved by voters in a margin of 55 percent to 39 percent, also bars people from carrying a concealed weapon in a restaurant, bars and other places that are open to the public.

The bill would have allowed concealed carry for those with permits and for those who own guns.

But the measure also prohibited anyone from possessing a firearm in public places where alcohol is served or is sold.

The proposal passed on a 51-44 margin with a turnout of 56 percent.

The state is one of two states that have some form of a concealed carry law, and voters there approved it in 2008 and 2010.

New Hampshire has passed concealed carry legislation twice before, in 2008 by then-Gov.

Jim Douglas and by last year by state Rep. David Johnson.

Both times, the measure was defeated.

In both cases, the legislation was tied up in court battles that stretched into the courts, before voters repealed it in November.

The next attempt to enact a concealed gun permit law in the state is expected in 2019.


Maggie Hassan, a Democrat, is seeking a second term.

Her campaign has said she opposes a constitutional amendment that would require a state constitutional amendment to expand concealed carry.

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