NJ drivers license gets $1.2 million in funding

The state’s licensing program has been receiving millions of dollars in additional funding in recent years, as the state continues to fight to get its drivers licenses to more people.

According to the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the state received $1,225,000 in funds for drivers licenses for 2016-17.

The agency also reported that licenses for New Jersey citizens with non-resident licenses were granted to 9,835 individuals in 2016-2017, and another 2,858 in 2017-2018.

Those licenses were issued to approximately 3,000 individuals.

“These additional funds will enable us to keep our license plates and provide the necessary paperwork to ensure our customers have the proper paperwork to prove they are eligible for licenses,” state DMV Director of Licensing Paul McGlothlin said in a statement.

The state has been working to increase the number of license holders in recent months.

In March, the state signed legislation to increase eligibility to apply for driver’s licenses by nearly 10 percent.

That would mean that if you’re a New Jersey resident and don’t have a non-resident driver’s license, you’ll need a photo ID to get a driver’s permit.

Additionally, the program also allows for an unlimited number of licenses for individuals who are citizens, residents, military, and military dependents, as well as spouses and domestic partners.

Additionally in March, New Jersey became the second state in the country to allow for same-day issuance of drivers licenses, and the first in New Jersey to allow same-sex marriage licenses.

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