Ontario to give new licence renewal deadline to people convicted of serious crimes

Ontario is to give a new licence for repeat offenders to get a fresh licence if they have served a prison sentence for a serious crime.

The law will come into force this month.

It was originally set to come into effect in October 2018.

More than 1,300 people have been granted licence renewals under the new law.

The province says the law will make it easier for people who are convicted of crimes to get their licence back, as long as they have done their time and done what they were supposed to.

The new law also adds a requirement that the convicted person’s licence be renewed every two years.

It’s a similar approach to one the province has already taken with a new law allowing those convicted of a serious criminal offence to have a licence to renew for two years without having to prove they are currently incarcerated.

The new law does not require a court order or any type of special treatment for repeat offender licence holders, said Kathleen Beyer, an assistant minister in the Ministry of the Attorney General.

If they have had their licence renewed more than 10 times in the past 12 months, they are eligible to renew again.

It also applies to the province’s existing licence holders.

Ontario’s Criminal Justice Branch says it is also expanding the use of technology to help people identify repeat offenders.

The tool was introduced last month to help police catch repeat offenders in a way that is faster and easier to use.

This year, the Crown has made an announcement it will be taking on new roles and responsibilities that include providing information to the public about the number of repeat offenders, said Const.

Gary Toth.

In a statement, the province said it will provide training to police officers on how to use technology and will provide a public awareness campaign to help Canadians understand the new rules.

While there is no requirement to have the licence for a repeat offender, people convicted for a major violent crime, serious sexual assault, or trafficking will need to prove that they have a serious record, the law says.

The government says the changes will help police “get the information they need to identify and detain repeat offenders” and will help prevent crimes like the murder of a Canadian soldier.

Read more about the province of Ontario’s new law at the Toronto Star.

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