What do you think of Massachusetts license plate and Montana license plate?

New Hampshire license plate for the state of New Hampshire reads “TEXAS”.

A photo of a license plate from Montana on the state’s website shows it reads “Montana” and a photo of New Mexico on the same site says “New Mexico”.

The website for Montana’s license plate says the plates are intended for state and local government officials, police, sheriffs and other law enforcement personnel.

In contrast, New Hampshire’s license plates have been seen on the internet in a variety of shapes and sizes, but have typically been of the blue or white variety.

On Monday, Montana Secretary of State Mike DeWine told reporters that the state was looking at other ways to display the license plates, and suggested that people with concerns about license plates should call state licensing officials.

He said: “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with displaying license plates.

We can do that.

The state of Montana is the licensing authority for Montana, so we can put up license plates.”

Montana state representative Bill Dixson said he believed it was “not appropriate” for the license plate to be displayed on license plates for the United States, and that he had a letter from the state governor stating that the plates were for display on license plate readers.

He also suggested that a letter to the media was a better way to express concern.

“I’m not concerned about the license number on it,” he said.

“I think the license is an appropriate number for display.”

The New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles confirmed on Monday that it was investigating the issue, and said it had contacted license plate company Dixons license plate supplier to ask for clarification.

“We appreciate all of the information that you have provided us about this license plate issue,” said spokesman Kevin Cramer in an email.

“The department is looking into this matter, and we will work with the company to resolve this issue as soon as possible.”‘

It’s not an infringement’The state’s license number plate, a white rectangle with the letters MT, was first spotted in New Hampshire in the early 1990s and has been displayed on a number of state vehicles, including a truck and a school bus.

A spokesman for the licensing office in Montana, Tom Villepont, said it was not the first time license plates had been displayed with the state and that the department would be taking the issue very seriously.

“There are some things that people don’t want to see in their state license plates,” he told ABC News.

“It’s very upsetting, but it’s not illegal.

It’s not a violation of any state law.”

The plate has also been seen in California, Georgia and the District of Columbia.

“You can see the license on it in all the states that have plates,” Villepeont said.

“So it’s really no different than it’s there anywhere else.

The plates are very widely used, and people are very happy with it.”

A state senator who was a driver in a trucking accident when he was 17 in 2003 said he was not surprised by the controversy, and added: “It’s a license number, it’s a badge.”

The state has had other controversial license plate displays over the years, including one from Hawaii in 2003, and one in Texas in 2010.

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