When you are fishing, never dive too deep, Nh boaters say

Nh is a small island off the coast of Vietnam that is popular with people from around the world.

Its one of the last places in the world to experience the thrill of underwater fishing.

Its also one of many small islands that are protected from development by UNESCO.

But on a recent Sunday afternoon, a large group of Nh’s local fishermen was in the water, hoping to catch some fish for lunch.

“We were on a boat that is about the size of a small SUV, just going for a walk, and the boat suddenly turned into a huge storm and everything just stopped,” says Nguyen Nguyen, one of about 40 people in the group.

He says he saw a boat approaching, and they started to run.

“It was like a shark came and grabbed us, we were all trying to run away.

I saw a guy jumping into the sea, but he got caught,” he says.

The boat sank and the group lost everything, including their phone and their boat.

But while many locals fear Nh may be next, other people say they hope the reef can be rebuilt and become a tourist destination.

“I’m so happy I’m able to swim here,” says Hoang, who lives on Nh, about 2,200 kilometers (1,600 miles) southwest of Ho Chi Minh City.

“Because it’s so safe, it’s just a paradise.

It’s so peaceful, and there’s so much to do.”

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