How to get a PA fishing license

An Ohio law passed earlier this year allows people to get licenses to catch fish while driving, but it’s a bit unclear if the law applies to all fish caught by a vehicle, a boat, or a boat and the license plate agency that oversees the licenses. 

The issue is one of the biggest hurdles facing anglers who want to drive and fish while fishing, says Jim Johnson, a senior fisheries biologist with the National Parks Conservation Association. 

“If you’re driving, then the license plates have to be in the same state, but if you’re fishing, you don’t have to do that.

So it’s complicated.” 

“But I have no idea what they do with that information, or whether they’ll share it with law enforcement,” he says. 

Johnson says there are a lot of different ways for anglers to access and share information about their catch, from the license tag agency to a private fishing boat.

A few states have passed laws that allow fishing vessels to obtain a fishing license, he says, but none require that the vehicle be a boat.

The PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has not yet posted any rules on how the license is obtained or who can get a license, and they’ve not issued a list of license plates that are required to drive or fish.

“I’m not aware of any rule that specifically requires the license to be registered on the boat or on the vehicle,” says Michael McLean, spokesman for the PA Department.

“The department will take the information and look at it, and then decide how to apply it for the appropriate license.”

But even if a license is required, a person who drives a boat is not required to carry a license plate, says Gary T. Schumacher, president of the American Fishing Association, a fishing advocacy group.

He says that even though there are different types of boats, some of the licenses issued by the state of Ohio are identical to the ones issued in many other states.

“That means that if you have a state license and you go to a Pennsylvania town or a state agency, and you come back and you need the same license plate to get back home, that would mean that Pennsylvania law is applicable,” he says. 

“The only thing I know of is if someone’s registered in another state and they are fishing in a different state, and that is the way they are allowed to get the license.

That’s the only way to know.”

The PA Department of Environmental Protection, however, does not have rules for when and how a vehicle can obtain a license.

It’s up to the agency to decide how the information is shared, but it says it does not enforce the license requirement for fishing. 

A state agency spokeswoman says the agency can’t comment on specific cases.

The Pennsylvania Department of State Parks, which administers the license program, does allow fishing vehicles to use state-issued licenses, but the agency has not issued any specific regulations regarding license plates, the PA Parks spokeswoman says.

In addition, if you want to use a vehicle to fish in Pennsylvania, there are certain rules for the vehicle that are different from those of other states, says Tiffany M. Ladd, a fisheries specialist with the Pennsylvania Department for Conservation and Parks. 

The Pennsylvania law says that you need to have the correct license plate number, but you also need to give a written request to the state agency that issued the license that you want the license back. 

If you don.t have the required license plate information, you must get permission from the state or agency that issues the license, Ladd says.

If you get a plate number that’s not correct, the agency will send you a letter telling you what you need.

You can get the letter at the PA Parks website, or you can contact the Pennsylvania state agency at 814-973-8687. 

You must get the license plate number from the Pennsylvania agency in order to get it back.

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