How to get the best car insurance

Posted September 08, 2018 02:14:23 The Australian car insurance industry has been rocked by a major blow, with a spate of collisions between motorists and vehicles costing the Australian taxpayer at least $1.3 billion in the past 12 months.

The Australian Insurance Bureau (AIB) said that over the past two years, a total of 12,086 collisions involving motorists and motorcyclists have resulted in the injury or death of a total 4,928 people.

AIB head of car insurance John Rolfe said there had been a dramatic fall in the number of collisions involving drivers, which was the result of increased safety and increased awareness among drivers.

“The trend of decreased collision rates was apparent in the year to the end of September 2018, with the number in the lowest point of 2018,” Mr Rolfes said.

“While collisions with motorists are still the biggest cause of injury and death, the vast majority of those crashes involved motorcyclist-type vehicles, which are the most common type of vehicle involved.”

AIB collision data shows there has been a reduction in collision rates of 10 per cent from April to June, which is the largest reduction in recent years.

“We have seen a significant decline in the amount of motorcyclism that has taken place over the last year,” Mr Jnr said.

The drop in collisions has been due to increased awareness of the need to be aware of your vehicle’s driver and passenger safety, including when the vehicle is moving at high speeds, or in the case of cyclists, when they are travelling in the opposite direction.

“It is clear that this reduction in motorcyclisation, particularly in relation to collision numbers, has contributed to the reduction in collisions in the AIF, as more drivers are able to recognise when a cyclist is approaching and respond to that,” Mr Burch said.

It is also being seen in the rate of accidents and the rate at which motorists are fined.

A total of 3,542 collisions involving motorcyclic drivers and motorbike riders have been recorded since the end-April period, compared to 5,093 collisions involving driverless vehicles.

The AIB has also been working with the Australian Road Safety Agency (ARSA) to better understand how the road is being used and improved road markings to improve safety for cyclists and motorists.

It said that the ARSA is currently working on an update to road safety legislation.

“Currently, road safety standards for motorcycles and driverless cars require the vehicle to have at least the following: • a minimum speed of 40 kilometres per hour • a forward speed of 20 kilometres per minute • a manoeuvre capacity of two persons • an effective stopping distance of 100 metres or less.”

The update will also include a standard for motorcycliess vehicles with a minimum distance of at least 150 metres from a road sign.

“We are also continuing to work with the industry to better communicate the importance of road markings and traffic calming and safety initiatives to improve road conditions for motorists and cyclists,” Mr Mr Jntr said.

Mr Jnrs comments follow a raft of crashes involving drivers and cyclists in Adelaide and Canberra this year, with four of those being fatal.

The latest incident occurred on the Gold Coast last month, with two people killed and three injured after a driver crashed into a vehicle driven by a man on a cycle path.

In the past, the collision rate in Adelaide has been much lower than Canberra’s, which has recorded about 10 crashes a year.

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