New Jersey drivers license plate reveals a secret identity of an NYPD detective

New Jersey has been the focus of a fierce online debate over the new state ID cards.

A new website called is a way for New Jersey residents to show their identity and track their driving records, including those of their drivers licenses.

The website lists the names of nearly 100 law enforcement agencies across the state.

The names include New Jersey State Police, New Jersey Transit, the Jersey City Police Department, the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles, the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Attorney General.

In order to register to use the DMVDrivesIDPlatemaster, drivers must provide their current photo ID card number, date of birth, social security number and driver’s license number. has also created a “License Plate Tracker” feature to allow users to track their license plate numbers.

In a press release, the DMV said the DMV is working with the state to update its Driver’s License Plate Tracking Service, which will automatically check a user’s current license plate number against the list of licensed drivers.

The website has generated quite a bit of controversy among the community of drivers who have been trying to track the plates of people in New Jersey.

One New Jersey resident has even been convicted of driving under the influence.

In addition to the DMV website, the site also lists drivers license numbers and social security numbers.

According to the New York Times, the information the website collects is also shared with police.

“A person who registers for the DMV drives with a driver’s identification card that is the same number that the state prints out of a random database,” the DMV says on the website.

“When a police officer reads a license plate, he or she may recognize that license plate from a database.”

The DMV is also required to keep records of the number of times a license was issued.

The New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicle records that data for three years, and tracks when a license has been suspended or revoked.

The DMV said that records are stored for the duration of a license suspension.

A New Jersey law that went into effect last year allows people to request a copy of their license plates online, but the DMV has not made it easy for New Yorkers to request the information.

The state also said it will release a list of all license plates that are suspended or are expired within two years of the date they were issued.

The new DMVDripsidPlates website will also include information on license plates issued in the past two years, the dates of their suspension, and the names and numbers of the license plate owners.

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