Texas fishing license search for new boat owner goes public

A man who had just spent $7,000 on a fishing license for his family’s Texas fishing boat says he has been ordered to pay the city of Houston $8,000 for the cost of the license, as well as for any court fees he might have had to pay.

The owner of the boat, whose name has not been released, said the city has threatened to sue him for failing to pay his $7.4 million license fee.

The city’s chief financial officer, Scott Jenson, said he will appeal the order.

He added that the city is not looking to recover any of the money from the boat’s owner.

The family’s boat was built in 1999 in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

The family owned it for 12 years before selling it to a family member in 2014.

The boat has since been repaired, but Jenson said the owner does not know the amount of repairs that have been done.

Jenson said he is also seeking a court order that would prevent the city from enforcing a 2012 federal law that would require licenses to be valid for at least five years.

That law, passed after Hurricane Katrina, requires states to issue fishing licenses at least two years after they are issued.

The city of San Antonio has said it does not have a fishing permit for the boat because it does no business with the owner, but a city official has said he has asked the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to take the license away from the family.

The agency has not yet responded.

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