When will the next presidential election take place in Delaware?

The election of 2016 has been dubbed the “year of the car.”

It has been described as a race between two visions of America, a blue America and a red America, and it’s expected to be one of the most expensive, divisive and contentious elections in U.S. history.

In Delaware, the results of the presidential election will be made official on Tuesday.

It’s not yet clear who the next president will be, though Democrats and Republicans alike have pledged their support for the Democrat.

The race has been the target of a lot of media attention in recent weeks.

There’s been a lot written about the race, including a story on DelawareOnline that’s been making the rounds.

The story, written by Delaware Online’s own Emily Gaffney, outlines a number of different options the race could be in.

One is that the election will come down to whether Democrats are going to nominate one of their own or someone else.

The other option is that a second choice is going to be made by a state court.

The court has jurisdiction over Delaware.

If the election comes down to a choice between Delaware and the third-party candidate, the court would make that decision and not necessarily have the power to order the outcome.

This could mean either a Democrat will win the state, or that the race would be decided by the court.

That’s not to say that there are no options, though.

The third-person option is being considered by the U. S. Supreme Court, but Delaware isn’t a battleground state.

A third option is to pick a person of the opposite party, which could be the Democratic candidate, and have them replace a Republican who is running against the Democratic nominee.

That could be a difficult choice for Democrats to make.

This could also mean that a candidate from one party is the winner and a candidate of the other party is not.

That would be a major challenge for a Democratic nominee to win.

The only candidate in this scenario would be the president.

It would likely be incumbent Democratic President Joe Biden, who is popular in Delaware and could win the Delaware primary in June.

If Biden was to be the nominee, Delaware would have its first black president since Andrew Jackson, who served from 1828 to 1834.

Delaware is currently one of only three states that do not have a full-time state governor, and the state is considered one of just two states with a Democratic governor.

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