Which Jewish schools will be allowed to admit Jewish students?

A group of rabbis, lawyers, politicians and scholars have published a detailed list of schools that will be permitted to admit Jews to serve as teachers, researchers and medical doctors.

The list was compiled by a group of Israeli Rabbis for Reform Judaism, which calls itself the “National Authority for Rabbinic Education,” and included more than 1,000 rabbis from the rabbinic communities of Israel, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Canada and India.

The group is calling for a complete ban on the admission of Jewish students to schools.

According to the list, the schools would have to be “properly regulated, supervised, accredited, supervised by a rabbinical school, have the approval of the rabbinical courts and have no admission fee.

They would also have to have their curricula approved by the Rabbinical Council of Europe and a minimum of five years of professional experience.

The schools are not allowed to provide religious instruction or to offer the training of rabbinic doctors or to allow rabbis to work as medical doctors or teachers.

The Jewish education system would also be limited to the children of Israeli Jews.

The Rabbis argue that the establishment of a national Jewish education is a major issue that must be addressed urgently and that it is essential that all schools and religious institutions are permitted to be fully Jewish in order to serve the needs of the Jewish people.

However, the list does not include schools that were originally founded by Jewish immigrants and that are currently run by Muslim immigrants.

According a statement on the website of the Rabbis, the Rabbises are “deeply concerned” by the proposed ban on Jewish schools, which they say is “a direct attack on the values and the ideals of Judaism, Judaism’s most sacred institution.”

The statement said the Rabbise’s list was “considered by some to be a blueprint of what could and should be done.”

The Rabbise has called for an end to all such plans, while the Jewish leadership has been “very quiet” over the issue.

Some Jewish leaders have also been very silent on the issue of Jewish schools being allowed to offer religious instruction.

This includes Israeli President Shimon Peres, who has said that the issue should be “resolved in the public sphere.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was elected in November, has also refused to condemn the rabbis for their decision.

“In a Jewish state, there is no such thing as a single-national education system, no matter how much the Jewish public may like to have a national curriculum, in which all of us learn and have to share the same values.” “

The Jewish people cannot be expected to remain an exclusively Jewish nation,” the Rabbiseris wrote in their statement.

“In a Jewish state, there is no such thing as a single-national education system, no matter how much the Jewish public may like to have a national curriculum, in which all of us learn and have to share the same values.”

However, many prominent Israeli Jews have voiced their support for the list.

“I think it’s great, and I support it,” Yair Lapid, Israel’s right-wing deputy prime minister and a former head of the Zionist Union party, told Channel 2 TV.

“As a Jew I support a system that allows Jews to learn, that is not forced upon us.

I don’t think that this is a radical proposal.

It’s a reasonable solution.”

The list includes schools that have been under public scrutiny since the start of the year.

On July 24, the Jerusalem District Court rejected a request by the parents of a high school student to allow the school to admit a Jewish student, who had been expelled in 2014 for refusing to wear a kippa.

The court found that the student was not allowed a “full and equal education.”

In November, the Supreme Court rejected the appeal of the parents who had asked the court to overturn the decision of the district court to expel the student.

In December, the Israeli Supreme Court upheld the school’s decision to allow a Jewish male student to be admitted to the same school.

However the case did not reach the Supreme Supreme Court because the Supreme Judicial Court ruled in favor of the school.

On March 25, the Israel Public Affairs Committee, a government-appointed committee of the Knesset, released a draft legislation, which is expected to be discussed by the State Cabinet on April 13.

The bill would require the state to establish a national education system for all children of Jewish citizens, and it would establish an independent body to oversee and supervise the school system.

The draft legislation is expected be submitted to the Cabinet for approval by the end of May.

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