Which license plate search companies do you trust?

The Jerusalem Mail ( www.jma.com/ ) published a list of licensed plate search firms and their locations in Israel and the United States on Monday.

The Jerusalem post also posted information on the types of queries that are permissible and the maximum fee for each type of search.

The companies included: Bancroft Automotive Search, Bancrosoft, Bayside Plate Search, Baker-Hughes, Black Diamond, BlackDiamond-Carnegie Plate, Blackmoor Plate, Blue Plate, Cylance, DeCicco, DeChantelois, Eames Plate Search Company, E&A Plate Search and E&amplate Search.

The other companies listed in the post include: Biosa Plate Search Inc., Brownfield Plate Search Ltd., Capstone Plate Search LLC, Cottleplate Search, Domino Plate Search Co., E&A Plate, E.G. Plate Search Corp., E.L.M. Plate, G.H. Plate-Curtis, H.A. Plate Co., H.M., Haskins, Inc., In-Q-Tel, K-Plate, L-Plates, Mayfield Plate, McFarland Plate Search (M-Plats), McFarlands, McGlashan, Miller Plates, M-Plays, O’Reilly Plate Search Service, Parrott Plate Search Group, Powerplate Search Services, Provence Plate Search Systems, Plate Search-Ampes, Quarries Plate Search Corporation, Severna Park Plate Search Services LLC, Seveastra Plate Search System, Smiths Plate Search Limited, Silverman Plate Search Center, Steelplate, Starplate, Steinbeck Plate Search Search, Steinlens Plate Search.

The Jerusalem Post also posted a list for the cities where the companies are located.

In Israel, the companies that are permitted to conduct license plate searches include: Israel Police, Kach, Landmark Plate Search & Search Inc, L.G., M.A., R.L., T.

M, and Y.P.

A plates, and A.

G plates.

In the United the companies include: American Plate Search International, Baker & Beck, Blackstone Plate Group, Baker, Briscoe, Chateau Plate, Coopers, Gersh Plate Search Solutions, Greenfield, K.S., K.R. Plate search, M.

L, Plate, O-Plat, Plaplines, Plasti Plate, Plasman, Plaxons, Stowe Plate Search Associates, Trimble, W.H., and X-Plapline.

The list also includes plate search by the International Plate Search Association.

The list is available in Hebrew and English.

The information also indicates that the search results are limited to licensed plates, which is a change from prior versions of the Israeli government’s plate search policy.

The Israeli government is trying to modernize the license plate system, which has been in use for decades.

It was designed to ensure that all vehicles registered in Israel are eligible for plate searches.

In 2016, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that the Israeli Plate Search Act was unconstitutional, and that the government was in violation of the right to privacy of the citizenry.

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