Which license plate should you be looking for?

Dog license plate holders are more likely to be on the streets than any other license plate.

A study conducted by The Conversation, a media-free organisation, found that more than half of all people who bought dog license plates in Australia last year were on the roads.

The study found that the most popular license plate in Australia was the red one with a white star.

The most popular vehicle licence plate was the white and blue with a red star.

“The red and white license plates have been seen as being more of a symbol of the white working class in Australia,” Dr Peter White, a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne, told The Conversation.

“People associate these with working class and white collar jobs, but people who have a more modest background are also more likely [to buy license plates].”

A study by The Australian published in 2016 found that most people who were likely to buy a licence plate in 2015 were men, and people with a higher income were more likely than those with lower incomes to buy.

“There are quite a lot of women who have very low income who are likely to drive,” Dr White said.

The study also found that women were more interested in owning a dog licence plate than men were. “

I would guess that if you were a female driver who was considering buying a car, the most common reason would be that you want a safe vehicle that is not too noisy, that is a bit of a luxury.”

The study also found that women were more interested in owning a dog licence plate than men were.

“What we find is that women are more willing to buy dog license plate than are men,” Dr Whit said.

The survey of 5,000 people was based on online surveys of Australian households conducted between April and September 2016.

The researchers surveyed people on a range of topics including food, work and entertainment.

The overall results were highly statistically significant, meaning the difference between the two groups was statistically significant.

The research also found people who owned dogs tended to be younger and more educated than those who didn’t.

The data also showed people who didn

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