How to renew your Texas license

The Texas Legislature is considering a bill that would make it easier for residents to renew their Texas fishing licenses, despite a recent federal ruling that the state’s license renewal process is “abysmal”.

Under the bill, a resident of Texas who is at least 18 years old would be able to renew the license, while anyone in the United States would need to meet certain eligibility criteria.

Currently, only people who meet certain criteria for a license are eligible to renew licenses, and they must meet the requirements of certain medical conditions.

The bill was proposed in February by Senator Mark Hall, a Republican from Dallas, and Senator John Whitmire, a Democrat from Houston.

It was not passed.

It has not been voted on by the full Senate.

The Senate voted in April to extend a state-imposed ban on new licenses.

Under that ban, the state required applicants to meet a specific list of medical conditions, and a license would have to be renewed every four years.

But in May, the federal judge who struck down the ban issued an opinion that Texas’ license renewal system is “absurd, inefficient, and burdensome”, in the opinion of a group of lawyers for the state.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said the ruling “puts Texas in an awkward position”, and it “put Texas license renewal at risk”.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott responded that his office is reviewing the judge’s opinion and is considering the bill.

“We are reviewing the opinion and looking into the specifics of how we proceed in response to it,” he said.

The US Supreme Court ruled in February that the Texas license-renewal process is unconstitutional, and it was not immediately clear if the Legislature would take up the bill this week.

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