Indiana drivers license plate lookup results: What you need to know

Indiana license plate searches are not limited to just driving licenses and registration numbers.

Indiana State Police also has other search options for license plates.

A few years ago, the agency was using a similar approach to the license plate search method.

But it took some time to get things sorted out, according to state troopers.

“I had to get it all sorted out by myself,” said Trooper Ryan Smith.

“So it took about six months.

We went through a bunch of different options, but the best option was the license plates search, so we could get those plates and see if there were any violations.”

Indiana State Patrol license plate requests can be found on their website,

State troopers are also able to obtain additional information on license plate issues.

If a person’s license plate number is out of order, they can submit an email request.

“It was an easy process,” Smith said.

“They just send us an email, we check the information and if it matches up we send them an email with all of the information that they need.”

Smith said that if someone is unable to submit a license plate request, they may also be able to request a state trooper to assist with the search.

“We don’t have to be on the spot with the information,” Smith added.

“We can do that on the phone or text message.”

In addition to the search of license plates, state troopers are currently investigating license plate theft.

Smith said that while the stolen license plates were stolen, it’s not necessarily related to Indiana license plates searches.

State police also say they are investigating an incident in which a driver was caught with a stolen license plate.

They have no further information on that.

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