New ‘Enhanced Driver’s License’ Allows Non-US Citizens to Live in US

New regulations issued by the US government will allow non-US citizens living in the US to receive an enhanced driver’s licence.

The new driver’s licenses will allow them to drive and to carry firearms, although only for the purpose of hunting.

The US government, in effect, wants non-Americans living in countries where it can not enforce its laws to carry a gun, even though it has no legal authority to do so.

US President Donald Trump is expected to sign the new rules, which come after a review of the US gun laws by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). 

The new law also makes it easier for individuals to renew their drivers licenses, allowing them to continue to live and work in the United States without having to go through an extended waiting period. 

Currently, those with expired licenses must wait six months before they can renew them, meaning those with the licenses for less than a year could be able to drive in the country indefinitely without worrying about renewing.

However, the new policy allows drivers licenses to be renewed for up to three years, meaning a non-resident driver could renew his license before the expiration date for his expired license. 

According to the US Government Accountability Office (GAO), more than 90 percent of the 2.4 million people who currently hold licenses issued by US states are non-citizens.

Many of these people are undocumented immigrants, some of whom are unable to renew the licenses due to their criminal history. 

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been looking into whether the new law will deter criminals from using driver’s licences to obtain illegal weapons.

DHS Director David Lapan told the New York Times that the department has “concerns about this because we have a lot of undocumented people in our country who are trying to obtain weapons that we do not have to pass a background check.”

If you look at a lot, there’s some indication that there are some people who are using the driver’s to get a weapon.

It’s just that they’re not going to be able legally to do that.” 

The DHS is currently reviewing the rules and will issue a report in the next few weeks. 

“The GAO has concluded that these are not the only factors at play here. “

The NRA and the Gun Owners of America (GOA) have argued that the increased use of driver’s will make it harder for law enforcement to identify and stop criminals,” said Tom Angell, senior legislative counsel for the NRA.

“The GAO has concluded that these are not the only factors at play here.

This is the first time that the United Nations General Assembly has considered a United States-Mexico Border Security Initiative, a major legislative initiative designed to help protect Americans and their property.

The GAO is recommending that Congress act to eliminate these barriers by enacting laws that allow citizens to purchase firearms with their drivers license.”

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