The most popular car in America

A new study says the most popular vehicle in America is a Mazda Miata.

The study, released Wednesday by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), is the first to show how many cars are owned by Americans, how much they’re driven and how much money they earn.

The study was released to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the first U.S. federal auto insurance mandate.

“We see an unprecedented number of new cars being built, as well as an increase in the number of vehicles on the road,” said CAR President and CEO Jim Wirth.

“These are all examples of people taking the opportunity to spend more money in their cars.”

The study estimates that 1.8 million new vehicles were built last year, representing a 1.3 percent increase from 2013. “

It means we have more cars, more vehicles, more choices in our cars and more options for our consumers.”

The study estimates that 1.8 million new vehicles were built last year, representing a 1.3 percent increase from 2013.

More than half of all new vehicles are electric, with electric cars making up nearly a quarter of all vehicles.

More than 90 percent of all vehicle sales in the U.C.M.A.C.’s study are electric.

Cars in the United States are among the most electrified in the world.

Electric cars are a growing market and one of the fastest-growing segments of the global auto market.

The industry employs more than 50,000 people in the automotive industry.

Electric cars are increasingly gaining popularity in Europe, where they are also being used in a number of cities, including Paris and London.

The U.K. is also considering introducing electric cars to its roads.

A second study released Wednesday shows that U.H.I.P. cars have been the most frequently used vehicles for people aged 15 to 44.

The research says that the popularity of UH.

Is has increased dramatically in recent years, especially among young people.

The most popular U.M.’s vehicle is a Dodge Charger, with more than half a million in the country.

The number of U.P.’s vehicles in the study has grown by almost 50 percent.

A total of 3.6 million vehicles are sold in the States, with 1.5 million sold in California and 1.2 million sold across the country, with the remainder sold in Mexico, Canada and elsewhere.

The research also finds that more than 80 percent of Americans own an electric vehicle, compared with only 15 percent in the past decade.

In terms of the number and type of vehicles owned, electric vehicles are more popular than gasoline-powered vehicles.

“It’s a really great time to be an electric car owner,” said Wirth, who is a co-author of the new study.

“If you are a regular consumer, the new electric cars you see on the market are a great choice.”

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